Jeffrey Wilson

Fire Consultant / NAFI-CFEI, IAAI-CFI / Newark / Long Island


Mr. Wilson holds a B.S. degree in Fire Science and is a Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI) with the International Association of Arson Investigators, a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (NAFI-CFEI) with the National Association of Fire Investigators, a Certified Fire Investigator with the National Board of Fire Service Professional Qualifications (ProBoard), and a New York State Fire Investigator. He is also a licensed Private Investigator in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

His professional career includes 20 years of experience with the New Rochelle Police Department. He was promoted to the rank of Detective in 1995 and was later assigned to major case investigations in 2005 which included, among other investigations, arson. He obtained certification as a New York State Fire Investigator in 2005 and was then appointed to the Westchester County Cause and Origin team at that time, which he continues to serve on today. In addition to his law enforcement career, Mr. Wilson has over 30 years as a volunteer firefighter and obtained the rank of Fire Captain.

He has investigated and determined the origin and cause of several hundred fires to include commercial structures, residential structures, vehicles, and wild land. He has completed numerous educational seminars and continuing education courses in the field of fire investigation. Mr. Wilson has testified on several occasions involving the investigation of fires in New York.

Education and Certifications

• Fire Science, B.S.: Mercy College
• Fire Investigation (22 master’s degree credits): Columbia Southern University
• Certified New York State Fire Investigator: Fire Service Professional Qualification (ProBoard) - #NY755050-1117-0069
• Certified Fire Investigator (CFI): International Association of Arson Investigators- #23-071470
• Certified Fire Investigator-Vehicle Fires (CFI(V)): International Association of Arson Investigators
• Certification in Principles of Fire Investigation: International Association of Arson Investigators
• Certified Fire Investigations for Fire Officers: International Association of Arson Investigators
• Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI): National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)- #22400-12825
• Fire Investigator - Level 1: New York State
• Fire Investigator - Level 2: New York State
• Completion of 30-hour training course: Investigation of Gas and Electric Appliance Fires: Fire Findings, Benton Harbor, MI
• Emergency Technician: New York State #129714
• Licensed Private Investigator: New York #11000154190, Connecticut #FA-2508, New Jersey #8253, Massachusetts #LP0628D