John D. Wallace

Consultant / P.E. / Orlando


Mr. Wallace holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, New York and Delaware.  He has 12 years of consulting experience in design, permitting, project management, infrastructure evaluation/analysis, and construction inspections for quality control. His design experience includes commercial and residential buildings, site plans, foundations, retaining walls,  structural repairs, geotechnical recommendations, storm water analysis, project feasibility studies, and coastal armoring.

Mr. Wallace’s additional areas of expertise include consultation regarding the planning, design and construction of residential, commercial, institutional, manufacturing, and healthcare infrastructure, including maintenance and repair prescriptions.  

As a forensic engineer, Mr. Wallace’s experience includes property investigations on residential, historical, commercial, and industrial structures, including roofs, exteriors, interiors, foundations, structural systems and structural damage assessments from storms, catastrophes, fires, vibrations, accidents, and construction-related defects. He provides consultation to insurance professionals, contractors, attorneys, and property owners concerning structural and property damage evaluation, failure causation, construction defects, code compliance, structural damage, repairs/remediation for structures.    

Education and Certifications

• Civil Engineering, B.S.: Florida State University 
• Professional Engineer: Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and New York
• NCEES Record Number 65005
• ACI Concrete Field Technician – Level I: American Concrete Institute
• Nuclear Density Testing Gauge Certified