Kevin J. Shook, ACTAR


Forensic Services



Mr. Kevin Shook is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He has extensive experience in vehicle design, development, and assembly from a background with an automotive OEM. He has received training in accident investigation and reconstruction of passenger vehicles. He is trained and certified to download and analyze Event Data Recorder information from passenger vehicles. He is an accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist by the Accredited Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

Mr. Shook began his career and established his automotive expertise with Honda Development and Manufacturing of America. While employed at Honda, he was involved with the launch of new Honda and Acura models. He was responsible for the development of chassis components from design release to mass production launch including validation testing, certifications, and manufacturing. Some of his responsibility and expertise included tires, wheels, brakes, suspension, engine components, bearings, knuckles, and control arms.

In addition to Mr. Shook’s automotive development experience, he was also involved with Honda’s warranty analysis group. He investigated warranty claims on braking, steering, drive, and suspension systems. He has performed destructive testing on vehicles as well as individual vehicle components to recreate failures experienced in the market.

Mr. Shook also provides product failure analysis and cause analysis of hydraulic; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); and fire protection systems. His failure analyses include piping and plumbing failures, residential appliances, hydraulic systems, lift gates, chairs, ladders, and sump pumps. He has consulted on cases involving plumbing connections and mechanical equipment failures, nondestructive examinations, and testing.

Mr. Shook is a certified small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) remote pilot.


• B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology: University of Pittsburgh

• Accredited Accident Reconstructionist: Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR #4427)

• Federal aviation Administration Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Remote Pilot: Certificate# 4576165