Michael A. K. Liebschner, Ph.D., P.E.

Biomechanical Practice Leader

Forensic Services



Along with a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Michael Liebschner is an internationally renowned and well-established scholar with more than 20 years of extensive expertise in the development and optimization of diagnostic and treatment options for orthopedic injuries. He has conducted multiple human subject trials on wearable diagnostic devices for bone injuries and for early detection of stress fractures and osteoporosis.

Dr. Liebschner’s experience as a leading researcher includes more than 20 years of academic and corporate careers producing innovative and disruptive technology in the biomedical research field and medical device industry. He developed the first robotic system for fracture mechanics applications in the field of medical implant evaluation and is currently developing the first robotic system for intra-operative, patient-specific implant fabrication.

His primary areas of consulting expertise include injury consistency biomechanics, accident reconstruction, and medical device failures. As a forensic investigator, he performs biomechanical analysis on cases involving low-speed accidents, driver determination, falling objects, slip and falls, amusement rides, head and brain trauma, spinal injuries, medical procedure complications, and other accidental events. He has reconstructed accidents involving low-speed accidents, high-speed fatality collisions, pedestrian accidents, also falling objects events, medical device failures, surgical complications, and other types of accidents. Dr. Liebschner also has testified on patent infringement cases and provided expertise in patent valuation and intellectual property review. Dr. Liebschner is fluent in English and German.


• Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.: University of Vermont (1998)

• Mechanical Engineering, M.S.: Ruhr University Bochum, Germany (1995)

• Prof. Cert. Electrical and Precision Engineering Staatliche Feintechnik Schule: Germany (1989)

• Licensed Professional Engineer(2019)

• Private Investigator License (2016)

• Warzone Deployment Training (2013)

• Rescue Diver, Rescue Diver Instructor, Dive Master (1994)

• Emergency Medical Technician, Part A (1993)

• Operator License for Forklifts, Gantry Cranes, Crane Arms (1992)

• Motor Vessel Boating License (1985)