Michael Flaherty

Project Manager, Construction Services

Built Environment Solutions



Mr. Michael Flaherty’s responsibilities at Commercial Construction Consulting, LLC, A Rimkus Company (C3) begin with familiarizing himself with the contract documents and project requirements. Mr. Flaherty’s responsibilities also include keeping detailed records of various aspects of the work and preparing reports for owners, architects, planners, and state and local agencies, as required. Duties of the clerk of the works also include reporting any deficiencies in health and safety, quality of workmanship, quality of materials, and any work done outside of specifications. Michael also tracks schedule delays due to weather and lack of daily manpower performing the work. His knowledge of construction assemblies plays a significant role in assuring that the quality of material and workmanship is up to par on each project he is involved in. Mr. Flaherty’s presence on the project assures the owner, architect, or planner that construction work has been installed in accordance with the contract documents and industry standards.


• Construction Management, B.S.: Wentworth Institute of Technology

• ACI Certified in Concrete

• ACI Certified Structural Masonry

• OSHA 3