Michael V. Gray-Lewis, E.I.


Forensic Services



Mr. Michael Gray-Lewis holds a B.S. in Construction Engineering Technology as well as a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi and Jackson State University, respectively. In addition to his Civil Engineering degree, Mr. Gray-Lewis also received a minor in Mathematics.

Upon graduating Summa Cum Laude from Jackson State University in 2014, Mr. Gray-Lewis was immediately employed as a Structural Engineering Consultant. This career led Mr. Gray-Lewis to advance his analytical design and project management skills further by means of developing structural plans/details for both new and existing structures, in addition to creating accurate construction/engineering budgets and schedules to ensure client satisfaction throughout the duration of the project.

His previous experience allowed him to work closely with clients from multiple sectors, which included industrial, government, commercial, healthcare, and residential areas. Due to the array of projects he has worked on, Mr. Gray-Lewis is proficient in steel/timber connections, foundation design, building inspections, and code compliance.

Mr. Gray-Lewis’ investigative experience includes generating detailed preliminary construction estimates, structural analysis reports of existing structures, structural engineering consulting, and geotechnical/foundation assessment.

In addition to Mr. Gray-Lewis’ 8+ years of hands-on engineering experience, he has also worked as a residential framing carpenter, roofer, mechanic, and part-time electrician. This invaluable exposure has allowed Mr. Gray-Lewis to further advance his interpersonal skills with clients and laborers alike.


• Civil Engineering, B.S.: Jackson State University (2014)

• Minor Mathematics: Jackson State University (2014)

• Passed Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (2013)

• Construction Engineering Technology, B.S.: University of Southern Mississippi (2010)