Moein Nazifi

Moein M. Nazifi, Ph.D.


Forensic Services

Dallas/Fort Worth


Dr. Moein Nazifi holds a B.Sc. and a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Nazifi has research experience in the biomechanics of human movements, human anatomy, automotive dynamics, and robotics. His Ph.D. dissertation was about the biomechanics of gait, slips, and falls, where the ultimate goal was to prevent falls in older adults. Through his research, Dr. Nazifi has become an expert in 3D movement reconstruction via various sensors such as IMUs and motion capture systems. He also possesses expertise in joint kinematics/kinetics analyses and a strong statistics background. Dr. Nazifi has served as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School and is proficient in applying the scientific method and testing hypotheses. Given his skillsets, Dr. Nazifi’s areas of consulting encompass injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction, where he performs biomechanical analysis on cases involving low-speed accidents, driver determination, falling objects, slip and falls, amusement rides, head and brain trauma, spinal injuries, medical procedure complications, and other accidental events.


• Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.: Texas A&M University (2020)

• Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc.: Sharif University of Technology (2013)

• Memberships: American Society of Biomechanics (ASB)