Nancy A. Lee

Senior Consultant / CIH / Seattle


Ms. Lee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health from the University of Washington.  She is a Certified Industrial Hygienist with 30 years of diverse experience in the evaluation and implementation of occupational health and safety programs, health hazard assessments, exposure monitoring, accident and injury investigations, and the assessment, implementation and interpretation of legal duties under federal, state and local regulations.

Ms. Lee specializes in the evaluation and control of chemical, biological, and physical hazards in occupational and community settings.  Her primary areas of consulting include hazard assessments, health hazard and medical surveillance, injury/illness investigations, hazard prevention, regulatory requirements, and the standard of care regarding the control of workplace hazards.

As a regulator, Ms. Lee has 18 years of experience with occupational safety and health compliance inspections and investigations related to compliance with State and Federal regulations.  Ms. Lee has performed accident investigations of worker hospitalizations and fatalities, provided guidance and recommendations for respiratory protection and personal protective equipment, provided asbestos compliance training to Washington and Nevada OSHA Compliance personnel, and was a member of the Washington State Asbestos rule-rewrite stakeholder group.  Ms. Lee has extensive experience with enforcement settlement negotiations, depositions and expert testimony.

Ms. Lee has served as a subject matter expert for matters for asbestos, respirable crystalline silica, methylene chloride, toxic metals such as hexavalent chromium, beryllium, cadmium, and lead; welding, blasting and spray-finishing; ventilation, carbon monoxide, bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, chemical hygiene, hazardous waste, tunneling, working/walking surfaces, material handling, industrial trucks, confined spaces, electrical hazards, control of hazardous energy (i.e., lockout/tagout), flammable/explosive materials, toxic and hazardous chemicals, biohazards, reproductive hazards, air quality, mold, allergens, illicit drugs, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, noise and hearing conservation, building restoration, employee training, workplace rules, and workplace safety standard of care.  Ms. Lee has developed, and managed industrial hygiene, safety, and ergonomic performance systems in industrial and municipal settings, as well as testimony experience as an OSHA compliance expert.


B.S. Environmental Health, University of Washington
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)