Paul R. Marsenison, P.E., CGC

Construction Practice Leader

Forensic Services

Fort Lauderdale


Mr. Paul Marsenison is a registered professional engineer, a licensed general contractor, and a LEED® Accredited Professional with expertise in civil engineering and structural design, design-build projects, construction estimating and scheduling, and construction project management.

He has over 20 years of field engineering and construction experience including the implementation of site safety and OSHA construction requirements on dozens of general contracting projects. His design experience includes structural design of reinforced concrete building systems, water and sewer utility conveyance systems, commercial and residential marine facilities, groundwater and soil remediation systems, and solid waste landfills. He has designed and constructed numerous types of commercial and industrial buildings and facilities (including government contracts) and has acted as “special inspector” for structural inspections. He has direct project management experience for infrastructure projects at all levels of government. He also has extensive experience as a project designer and manager for groundwater and wastewater treatment plants, including traditional and bioremediation projects.

Mr. Marsenison’s forensic investigation experience extends to flooring failures; building settlement and collapses; fire, hurricane, and wind damage; vehicle impact damage; concrete failures; concrete and masonry cracking; retaining wall and seawall distress; sinkhole evaluation; chloride corrosion of concrete construction; wind turbine tower damage; FRT plywood inspections; steel and wood joist and truss failures; construction vibration analysis; underground utility failures; pool failures; moisture intrusion through building envelopes; roofing system failures; and tile floor failures. In addition to investigating construction claims, construction disputes, and construction accidents, he prepares structural calculations for buildings, industrial structures, parking garages, construction support structures, bridges, docks and seawalls, and pre-engineered buildings. He also provides estimating for commercial and residential new construction and repairs.


• Civil Engineering, B.S.: Virginia Military Institute (1985)

• Licensed Professional Engineer: Florida, Maryland, and New York

• Certified General Contractor: Florida

• LEED® Accredited Professional: U.S. Green Building Council

• Certified Aerial Lift Operator

• Certified Forklift Operator