Robert K. Schwarzkopf, P.E.

Principal Consultant

Forensic Services

Fort Lauderdale


Mr. Robert Schwarzkopf earned his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and his M.B.A. degree in International Business from Florida Atlantic University. He is a registered professional engineer with extensive experience in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment manufacturing industry. His industry knowledge covers over 25 years of HVAC equipment design, safety certification, equipment application, field troubleshooting, manufacturing optimization, government relations, regulatory compliance, and quality control.

Mr. Schwarzkopf’s professional expertise includes thermal design, electrical circuitry, controls, structure, and compliance with safety regulations in the United States and Europe. He is skilled in the installation, application, and troubleshooting of various types of HVAC equipment in both residential and commercial settings, including air-to-air, water-to-air, geothermal, hydronic, and fan coil systems.

His extensive manufacturing background includes a comprehensive understanding of sheet metal forming, copper pipe forming and joining, wiring, assembly, and industrial safety practices. He also has experience managing a research-grade HVAC performance, safety, and sound laboratory, which involved knowledge of relevant standards and practices, data reduction, and calibration compliance.

As a forensic consultant, Mr. Schwarzkopf routinely investigates HVAC and refrigeration failures in commercial and municipal settings, as well as mechanical, engineering, and plumbing (MEP) failures, equipment failures, and consumer product failures. He also performs vehicle accident investigations and is knowledgeable in crash data recorder downloads. He also has experience performing inspections on private and public elevator systems.


• International Business, M.B.A.: Florida Atlantic University (2003)

• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: Oklahoma State University (1991)

• Registered Professional Engineer: Florida

• Licensed Mold Assessor: Florida

• Certified Crash Data Retrieval System Technician: Bosch

• Certified Aerial Lift Operator

• American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE): Member

• National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI): Member