Scott M. Drouin, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant

Forensic Services



Dr. Scott Drouin is a principal toxicology consultant with over 25 years of experience in Toxicology, Immunology, Lung Physiology, infectious disease, food testing, and laboratory sciences.

As part of the Rimkus Toxicology and Food Safety practice group, Dr. Drouin leads cases involving exposure to drugs, alcohol, and contaminants in food; as well as human exposure to environmental substances; and employs toxicological principles to corroborate medical facts documented in exposure cases against known health endpoints to substantiate allegations and determine alternative causation.

Dr. Drouin specializes in cases investigating respiratory diseases. Specifically, those related to airborne exposure to environmental substances including viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, mold, chemicals, asbestos, and carcinogens. His specialty lies in assessing the risk of developing respiratory illnesses, pneumonia, environmental allergies, asthma, and lung diseases from exposures to such environmental contaminants. Furthermore, Dr. Drouin can evaluate clinical testing procedures related to lung diseases and, by applying toxicological principles to these cases, can tie in the medical documentation as it may or may not relate to the alleged exposure. Air is a dynamic medium and constantly changing, as is the diversity and concentration of contaminants it contains at any one time. Thus, Dr. Drouin also evaluates respiratory exposure potential from a global perspective to help the client understand the potential alternative causation and can communicate these complex issues to the client.

Dr. Drouin’s work as an expert witness and litigation support has involved a diverse set of toxicological issues in the areas of workers compensation, toxic tort, environmental exposure, drug and alcohol, and allegations of environmental exposure due to product contamination.

Dr. Drouin has extensive laboratory research experience and broad-based training in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Immunology, and Lung Physiology and holds a Doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Providence College in Rhode Island.


• Microbiology, Ph.D.: University of Alabama at Birmingham (1997)

• Biology & Chemistry, B.S.: Providence College (1991)

• Memberships: Society of Toxicology, Full Member; American Thoracic Society, Full Member; American Association of Immunology, Full Member; American Association for the Advancement of Science, Full Member