Stephen C. Rogers

Principal Consultant / R.A, NCARB, CXLT, LEED AP / Denver


Stephen C. Rogers is a 1996 graduate of the University of Arizona, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture professional degree. As a registered architect in California, Colorado, and Montana, he has over 25 years of architectural building, site, and large-scale development design, planning, and construction experience with many project types including residential, commercial, industrial, and cold-climate/ alpine projects.

Mr. Rogers regularly performs forensic investigations relating to premises liability matters, including building and code review and analysis, coefficient of friction testing, ADA compliance, and conditions analysis due to construction defect, product defect, or maintenance. His experience includes slip, trip, and falls in all manner of environments, falls from heights, injury due to falling objects, weather condition analysis, construction and worksite accidents, and fire-related injuries and fatalities. He has extensive experience related to chainsaw operations and tree cutting accidents. His liability investigations and expertise include chainsaw safety and tree felling incidents involving both personal injury, death, and property damage. In addition, Mr. Rogers is a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician and can opine on mechanisms of injury, trauma, and prehospital care.

Mr. Rogers has also performed investigations on construction defect claims acting on behalf of designers, contractors, sub-contractors, and manufacturers. These matters have involved the evaluation of building envelope components, all types of interior and exterior construction finishings, as well as thermal and air barriers to determine the cause of moisture intrusion and damage to building mechanical and plumbing systems.

Mr. Rogers puts his architectural and construction experience to work performing property damage assessments on existing facilities. This includes damage caused by wind, water, hail, fire, pipe failures, impacts to structures by vehicles or other external objects, and structural/foundation movements. He has evaluated damage to a wide variety of commercial and residential roofs, interior and exterior wall finishings, building envelopes, waterproofing and barrier systems, balconies, terraces and decks, and drainage systems.

Mr. Rogers has been retained as an expert witness in matters involving design professional standard of care and design errors and omissions cases. He has investigated claims for damages due to cost and schedule overruns and property damage alleged to be caused by design defects. Additionally, he has assessed building and product design in cases alleging copyright infringement and theft of proprietary design.

Education and Certifications

• Architecture, B.S.: University of Arizona
• Registered Architect: California, Colorado, Montana
• American Institute of Architects (AIA)
• National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
• Certified XL Tribometrist (CXLT)
• LEED Accredited Professional: U.S. Green Building Council
• Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician – EMT-IV