From Ashes to Answers: Industrial Fire Forensics

May 20, 2024

Crucial Findings: Investigating Industrial Fire Incidents

Rimkus’ fire experts are often tasked applying their highly specialized knowledge to help determine the origin, cause, and factors contributing to industrial fires. Understanding the behavior of fire and its interaction with the environment is essential. Our investigators utilize principles of fire dynamics to reconstruct the fire’s progression, identifying points of origin, fire spread patterns, and potential accelerants’ involvement.

Our consultants meticulously document the fire scene, identifying potential sources of ignition and fire patterns. We collect evidence, such as samples of debris, residues, and materials for further analysis, and interview witnesses and relevant personnel to gather information about the sequence of events leading up to the fire or explosion.

A Single Source of Comprehensive Support

Forensic fire investigations often require expertise from various fields such as chemistry and engineering. Collaborating with Rimkus’ in-house team, we provide specialized knowledge to interpret complex data and offer insights into the incident’s cause and contributing factors, providing a thorough understanding of any fire event and potential subrogation components.

In cases involving industrial machinery or electrical systems, our mechanical and electrical engineers can examine equipment for malfunction, electrical faults, or mechanical failures that could have initiated or contributed to the fire. Our expertise also extends to best practices; our investigators can assess whether the industrial facility complied with relevant safety regulations, codes, and industry standards.

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Case Study: Propane Explosion Damages Manufacturing Facility

A massive explosion caused damage to a large manufacturing facility and shook homes more than 15 miles away. The building that exploded was used for storage of component parts used in the manufacturing process, and people claimed to have smelled propane prior to the explosion which may have come from an underground pipeline. Rimkus was retained to determine the origin and cause of the fire and explosion; read about our investigation below.

Case Study

The Consulting Expert®: Meet the Northeast Fire Team

Rimkus forensic investigators can apply their expertise to not only uncover the truth behind fire incidents but also help enhance public safety, improve building codes and regulations, and mitigate risks associated with fire and explosion hazards.

Located strategically in offices across the Northeast United States and beyond, our team of experts is ready to provide timely investigations utilizing cutting-edge technology to help clients understand these complex events.


Craig S. Williams, IAAI-CFI (V), NAFI-CFEI
Senior Fire Consultant
Buffalo, NY
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Ryan L. Mack, IAAI-CFI (V), NAFI-CFE
Fire Consultant
Indianapolis, IN
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Jeffrey Wilson, IAAI-CFI, NAFI-CFEI
Senior Fire Consultant
New York, NY
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