Human Factors Expert Update

June 8, 2021

In order to meet today’s complex challenges, Rimkus Consulting Group provides more than 650 professional engineers, scientists, and consulting experts who offer real-world expertise that spans across a broad spectrum of public and private environments. With the acquisition of Applied Safety and Ergonomics, our Human Factors Practice has expanded to provide additional forensic consulting services in the following areas:

J. Paul Frantz, Ph.D., C.P.S.M., CPE
Vice President, Human Factors Practice
Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. J. Paul Frantz is a Vice President in the Rimkus Human Factors Practice. He is a nationally recognized human factors consultant whose research has informed national standards committees, safety agencies, and professionals regarding warnings design, product safety, and accident causation. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist and Product Safety Manager. Visit Dr. Frantz’ full profile to learn more about his more than 30 years of experience in human factors/ergonomics, product and occupational safety, and warnings.

Steven M. Hall, C.P.S.M.
Director, Human Factors Practice
San Francisco, CA

Steven Hall is a Director of the Rimkus Human Factors Practice. He has expertise in the fields of warnings and instructions, ergonomics, human factors engineering, and product and occupational safety. Mr. Hall serves as Chairperson of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z535 Committee on Safety Signs and Colors and is a Certified Product Safety Manager. Visit his full profile to learn more about his professional background and numerous industry publications.

Brian C. Grieser, P.E., C.P.S.M., CSP, CPE
Principal Consultant
Ann Arbor, MI

Brian Grieser is a Principal Consultant and licensed professional engineer (P.E.) with more than 27 years of experience. He holds professional certifications as a Product Safety Manager (CPSM), Safety Professional (CSP), Professional Ergonomist (CPE), and XL Tribometrist (CXLT). Mr. Grieser’s recent professional activities include studies on walkway and shoe slip resistance assessment; human vibration and acceleration exposure measurement and analysis; recreational boat design, watercraft occupant safety, and towed watersports safety; time and motion; product, occupational, and premises safety assessments; accident investigation; and human movement, climbing, and stability analysis. Visit his full profile to learn more.

Raina J. Shah, M.S.E., C.P.S.M., CPE
Principal Consultant
Chicago, IL

Raina Shah is a Certified Product Safety Manager (C.P.S.M.), Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), and Principal Human Factors Consultant with extensive experience related to chemical hazard communication, product safety, and warnings. Ms. Shah’s research and consulting activities have included driver performance related to traffic safety and human factors associated with chemical and environmental risk communication. She has experience designing and evaluating hazard communications, researching user response to warnings and instructions, and analyzing product and occupational accidents. View her full profile to learn more.

Jared P. Frantz, M.S.E., C.H.F.P.
Ann Arbor, MI

Jared Frantz is a Certified Human Factors Professional with extensive experience developing and evaluating warnings and safety symbols for consumer and commercial products. He specializes in human factors/ergonomics, warnings, and product, occupational, and premise safety. View his full profile to learn more about his research and teaching experience related to product safety, risk assessment and communication, human factors in accident causation, and assessment of walking surfaces.

Michael Wise, M.S.E., C.P.S.M.
Associate Consultant
Ann Arbor, MI

Michael Wise is a Certified Product Safety Manager and an Associate Human Factors Consultant. His expertise includes occupational and product safety, accident investigation, risk assessment, and analysis of technical literature, safety standards, codes, and regulations as applied to new or existing products. He is responsible for providing forensic investigations and analyses of accidents involving industrial and consumer products and services. Visit his full profile to learn more about his professional background and capabilities.

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