Industrial and Manufacturing Operations

Industrial and Manufacturing

Our industrial and manufacturing services focus on a wide range of businesses that extend from small commercial manufacturing facilities to large, complex facilities with multiple stages of processing, interlinked assembly lines or multiple “trains” operating in parallel. When examined by the trained eye, each of these consists of discrete pieces of equipment common to many applications. Observing the same facility from a few steps back reveals how these discrete pieces of equipment contribute to the operation of a complex system used to produce a product or products. Our forensic experts understand the manufacturing processes and how the various pieces of equipment work together to produce the end product.

Design Analysis/Debottlenecking

When an industrial or manufacturing facility is not performing to its design specifications, we can examine design documentation as well as performance specifications for each piece of equipment to find bottlenecks and solutions to the problem.

Performance Testing

Each piece of equipment in an industrial or manufacturing system has been selected based on the combination of the system’s overall requirements and the individual piece of equipment’s design specifications. Failure to meet those specifications can mean failure of the overall system to achieve its desired performance. Testing against those specifications can isolate the problem equipment for attention.

Environmental Concerns

Whether large or small, virtually all industrial and manufacturing facilities must meet the environmental conditions under which its operation has been permitted by authorities. Off-specification operation of a single component may cause excessive waste gasses or liquids to enter the environment. Once discovered, the facility may have to be shut down until it can again meet permitted specifications. Finding and correcting the problem is the job of the forensic engineer and environmental consultant. At Rimkus, our experts are well versed in the required steps to find and make those corrections.

Evaluation of Raw Materials and End Products

The design of an industrial or manufacturing facility includes certain assumptions regarding the specifications of the raw materials entering the plant (e.g., crude oil, polystyrene pellets, steel) and the purity and other specifications of the end product are key to producing a quality finished product. Testing of these materials at either end ensures that the operation provides a consistent product that meets the specifications of the facility’s customers.

Failure Analysis

We are regularly asked to examine failed equipment such as gas or steam turbines, boilers, pumps, and other equipment or products to help determine why the item failed. We apply our expertise to ascertain whether the failure is due to a design issue, a manufacturing defect, misapplication, or inadequate maintenance. The goal is to keep the event from recurring and again impacting plant operations. Through engineers with extensive experience in all manner of industrial and manufacturing facilities, we supply our clients with the right consulting engineer for each problem.

Fires and Explosions

Manufacturing, processing, treating, and refining facilities all share a common bond of raw materials, interim products, and finished products which may be highly corrosive, flammable, or explosive. As a result, problems in the production process can lead to fires and explosions which can cause injuries and death, damage the facility, extend down times and result in a major loss.

Our fire origin and cause experts and facilities design engineers can determine what lead to the fire or explosion. Our experts participate in the process from end to end, uncovering exactly what happened, determining what needs to be done to get the facility back to normal operations, advising what limited or partial operations can be conducted in the interim, and assessing the financial impact.