Our consulting professionals are called upon to evaluate an extensive variety of losses and assist insurance clients in understanding the damage that has occurred, the cause of that damage, the steps necessary to make repairs, and their associated costs.

The following is a sampling of the kinds of losses we regularly investigate on behalf of insurance clients:


  • Water Intrusion and Damage
  • Fire Origin and Cause: origin and cause, arson review
  • Roof Leaks: origin, foreign object impacts, age of damage
  • Plumbing Failures and Other Water Intrusion Issues
  • Structural Analysis
  • HVAC Design, Implementation, and Failure Analysis
  • Mold and Other Fungal Growth
  • Catastrophe Events: hurricanes, tornadoes. earthquakes, hailstorms, floods
  • Foundation Failures: differential foundation movement determination
  • Vehicle Accidents


  • Accidents: transportation, construction, industrial
  • Construction: design and construction defects, site accidents, contractor equipment
  • Environmental: pollution, air quality, asbestos
  • Energy, Oil, and Gas: property, equipment, processes
  • Fire Origin and Cause: equipment analysis, arson investigation
  • Structural Damage: foreign object impacts, structural member failures
  • HVAC Issues: age and remaining life of equipment, performance problems
  • Catastrophe Events: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods
  • Marine: ocean, offshore, onshore, recreational
  • Medical: healthcare facilities, technology
  • Product Liability: products, machinery, equipment, materials
  • Professional Liability: architects, engineers, contractors, industrial hygienists
  • Property: multi-family, commercial, institutional, industrial buildings and structures