Oil and Gas

For more than 40 years, we have supported clients in the oil and gas industry. We are experienced with hardware and operations from drill bit to burner tip, as well as the contractual and other business aspects of the industry.

Upstream Operations

Drilling operations present challenges unique to the oil and gas industry. Rimkus engineers have direct hands-on experience in investigating accidents of all types from drilling rig accidents to blowouts and fires. With petroleum engineers, certified safety professionals, industrial hygienists, and toxicologists, Rimkus understands the operations and safety requirements needed in the oilfield.

Midstream Operations

The transportation of oil and gas is a critical step in bringing products to market. From pipelines to railcars to trucking, Rimkus experts provide unique capabilities in assessing problems that might occur as well as the economic impact of those problems. Our experts know pipelines both onshore and offshore and can assist in evaluating an aging pipeline network as well as help guide you to the resumption of normal operations.

Our engineers have designed, installed, and operated a wide variety of pipeline systems. They bring that experience to each assignment. We also have experience in all manner of rotating equipment such as pumps, gas turbine-driven compressors, reciprocating compressors, and all the related dehydrating, treating, cooling, measurement, and other auxiliary equipment that supports their operation. We are also trained in evaluating all types of vehicle accidents involving trains, trucks, and automobiles.

Natural Gas and Oil Processing

From our Houston headquarters, we address refining, processing, and treating problems worldwide. Our consultants bring extensive refinery and chemical plant operations experience to bear on problems as straightforward as equipment not operating in accordance with specifications and as complex as the investigation of the origin and cause of fires and explosions. For us, no issue is too large or too small.

Financial Loss Analysis

Interruption of oil and gas operations can result in substantial financial loss. For example, shutting down:

  • A drilling operation, where the rig may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day
  • A gas pipeline transportation system, which might be carrying a billion cubic feet of natural gas per day
  • A liquids line, carrying many thousands of barrels of oil or refined product per day, or
  • A refinery producing hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline per day

These shutdowns can quickly result in millions of dollars in financial loss.

Each of these instances requires a fast response by both engineers and construction experts to correct the problems that have occurred and financial forensic experts to gauge the ongoing financial losses and make recommendations as to how to stop the financial hemorrhaging. At Rimkus, we offer all of these services.

Equipment Damage Assessment

Complex facilities rely upon the design performance of each piece of their equipment. Together, they operate as a coherent system. Failure of any one part of that system to achieve the design specifications can lead to problems that range from the degraded performance of the overall system to emergency shutdowns or worse. We routinely assess performance issues and provide recommended solutions to our clients to make these systems operate as designed.

Fires and Explosions

Vast quantities of flammable hydrocarbons moving through pipelines and plant equipment are a constant source of danger. Errors by facility operations personnel, upsets during turnarounds, failure of facility components, or unanticipated outside influences can lead to fires and explosions at any time. Our mechanical, chemical, and civil engineers as well as our fire and explosion experts and materials specialists can determine the origin and cause of the problem and recommend solutions to prevent recurrence