Power and Renewable Energy

The backbone of the industrial world, the power industry incorporates equipment that is unique to that industry as well as standard equipment that is used across many industrial installations.

Power Generation

New technologies have expanded the methods by which power is generated. Old standby methods like coal-fired boilers, hydroelectric turbines (baseload and pumped storage), and even nuclear power generation facilities have been augmented by newer baseload methods such as solar (both photovoltaic and mirror- or lens-concentrated beam designs), massive wind turbines, and gas-fired turbines generating power for peaking needs. We are experienced in all of these technologies and offer all forms of damage analysis, performance review, and repair methods for power generation to our clients.

Transmission Systems

The construction of long-distance transmission systems such as towers, power lines, and substations are key to the development of new and large-generation facilities. Our experts investigate accidents that occur during both construction and operation all along the transmission system’s span, including substation operations and transformer failure.

Distribution Systems

Distribution systems form a vast network of field transmission lines, substations, poles, above-ground lines, buried lines, transformers, and drops. Each presents its own opportunity to be involved in an incident resulting from contact with machinery or personnel. From electrocutions and component failures to fire origin and cause, we have investigated many such incidents to determine whether or not the underlying designs and equipment selection met industry standards and applicable codes.

Renewable Energy

Contemporary power generation methods extend far beyond traditional boilers and steam turbine technology to include wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and other energy sources. Analysis of blade failures, foundation issues, turbine overspeed, and bearing failures and fires has put Rimkus at the forefront of wind turbine losses. From design to equipment failures in solar energy, our engineers can determine what happened, how it happened, and the best repair method for both photovoltaic and thermal facilities. Rimkus has been involved in investigating some of the largest hydroelectric facility failures in the world.