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May 24, 2024

The Consulting Expert®:
Florida Spotlight

Rimkus consultants provide a broad range of expertise to clients in Florida. Our highly skilled and experienced teams help clients understand complex claims and accidents. We offer decades of expertise related to engineering, building systems, transportation, materials science, human factors, construction claims, and more.

Supported by the global team of Rimkus experts, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that help clients understand complex matters spanning a variety of industries. Today, meet four of our Florida-based experts who offer significant knowledge related to accident reconstruction, engineering, and construction.

Meet Your Local Experts


Robert Corbett, P.E.
Principal Consultant
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Robert Corbett is a registered professional engineer in six states with extensive experience in the residential and commercial building industry. His industry knowledge covers areas of structural engineering, project management, construction management, construction special inspections, and implementing quality control procedures. Mr. Corbett’s area of expertise is primarily focused on residential and commercial buildings, which includes condition assessments of building systems, including foundations, framing, interior/exterior finishes, roofing systems, flooring failures, building settlement, hurricane and wind damage, concrete failures, plumbing failures, roofing system failures, and moisture intrusion.

Kang Li, P.E.
Senior Consultant
Miami, FL
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Kang Li is a registered professional engineer in the seven states with expertise in structural design, engineering management, project management, implementing quality control, and on-site structural inspection. He has more than 20 years of experience in overseeing projects from planning and design to the construction phase, including new and existing construction for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings; managing design teams to ensure quality of design and coordination between all disciplines; and utilizing a wide range of structural materials such as reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, wood, post-tensioned slab, and pre-stressed concrete, with a focus in compliance with local building codes. In addition, he is experienced in providing on-site inspection for various structural damage, ranging from age-related building deterioration and construction defects to engineer design errors.

James Mulkey, ACTAR
Senior Consultant
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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James Mulkey is an accredited Accident Reconstructionist with more than 29 years of accident investigation and reconstruction experience. His 35+ year career in law enforcement with both the United States Army (1987-1995) and the Missouri State Highway Patrol (1996-2022) included general road patrol, accident investigation, and vehicle accident reconstruction. As a member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Major Crash Investigation Unit for more than 12 years, he conducted or assisted in thousands of crash investigations and reconstructions. Those crashes involved automobiles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, ATVs, UTVs, commercial motor vehicles, and farm machinery. Mr. Mulkey is certified in imaging, preserving, and analyzing data contained in a vehicle’s event data recorder.

Pedro Vazquez, P.E.
Miami, FL
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Pedro Vazquez is a registered professional engineer in the state of Florida and Puerto Rico, with extensive experience in project management, implementing quality control, construction safety, evaluation of damages claiming process, essential infrastructure recovery plan, and immediate relief response efforts following natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, and flooding events. Mr. Vazquez has over 20 years of experience in overseeing project management from planning to the construction phase, closeout documentation, and the operational management of the water and sewer infrastructure. As a forensic engineering consultant, Mr. Vazquez investigates, evaluates, and analyzes failures in civil/structural engineering and general construction related to residential and commercial buildings and verifies construction compliance with applicable building codes and industry standards.

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The Rimkus experts in Fort Lauderdale and Miami apply decades of experience to help clients across Florida address their most complex challenges. Connect with our team to learn more.

Drew B. Hains, P.E.
District Manager
Roberto Rada-Prada, P.E.
District Manager
Fort Lauderdale
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