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May 9, 2023

Accident Reconstruction
To meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations, we’ve increased our capabilities by adding a Keyence VR high resolution 3D Optical Surface Profiler to our toolbox!

With its 6 x 11-inch fully automated stage, the high-resolution Keyence VR enhanced our capabilities for measuring and analyzing large samples. It can be utilized in nearly all industries and at every step of engineering, from research and development to production, and from quality control through analysis of failures and defect investigation.


Measurement of Complex Profiles
Scan Image
The Keyence VR can scan any 2D or 3D object or surface and provide any type of 2D and 3D surface or profile measurement. It also allows for no-contact surface finish and roughness measurements and the evaluation of true surface flatness.

Difficult tasks, such as measuring unique, hard-to-reach surface profiles and surface finishes that traditional profilometers could not, are now completed in minutes.

Surface Finish and Roughness
Technical Image
Surface finish and roughness testing can be completed in our lab, or in-situ onsite, with the use of our high-resolution, zero-shrinkage replication media.


Product Defect and Fit Up
Technical Image
Was a rubber gasket installed improperly or was it defective from the manufacturer? Did the gasket seat match the gasket dimensions? We can use the high-resolution 3D profile measurements obtained by the Keyence VR to answer these questions.


Even Wear and Surface Flatness
Technical Image
Did the automotive brakes fail or wear out rapidly? Wear scars can be measured and compared to the mating brake pads. Additionally, wear patterns on the brake pads themselves can confirm the pad was evenly worn and installed correctly.


Manufacturing Defects
Technical Image
Injection molds and dies can improperly wear, causing defects to the final product. We can now measure these wear scars and flaws to characterize and identify the dimensions of the molds and dies.


Environmental Roofing Damage
Technical Image
Environmental hail damage to shingles can be difficult to characterize and evaluate. With the use of the Keyence VR, we can evaluate, characterize, and confirm damage to roofing shingles.


Non-destructive Analysis
Technical Image
3D profile measurements of gears and bushings are now possible without destructive testing. This allows our project managers to evaluate wear patterns quickly and efficiently with high accuracy and repeatability.


Injection Mold Defects
Technical Image
We can use the Keyence VR for the evaluation of components (such as plumbing fittings) for any unusual wear scars, molding lines, deformities, thread damage, or corrosion pitting.

The Keyence VR is just one of the many pieces of advanced technological and analytical equipment we utilize to assist customers in understanding their complex matters. By identifying the root cause of failures and corrosion issues, we can help you increase business profitability and reduce downtime.


Interested in learning more about Rimkus Laboratory Services capabilities?
Contact our Laboratory Services Leadership Team!


Technical Image
Allen R. Conway

Senior Consultant
(704) 663-5108

Allen Conway, Senior Consultant, is the Safety and Operations Manager for Rimkus Laboratory Services. He manages a wide variety of metallurgical projects, performs root cause failure analysis investigations, and authors technical reports of lab findings and conclusions.

Mr. Conway is proficient at performing various advanced ASTM testing methods and analysis procedures on a wide variety of metals & alloys. He manages and performs all laboratory NDT inspections and in-place field replication of metallic microstructures. Mr. Conway specializes in performing metallography, examination and forensic photographic documentation of complex fracture surfaces, specialized sample preparation, salt fog/spray corrosion testing of coatings, 3-D microscopic imaging, and other focused testing processes.

Technical Image
Robert M. Andrews

Principal Consultant
(704) 663-5108

Bob Andrews leads forensic failure analysis investigations and performs consulting services for manufacturing clients with a heavy emphasis in ferrous alloy components, rotating mechanical equipment (bearings, transmissions, gear boxes, axles, etc.), and heat treatment processing issues.

His specialized experience includes the development of submerged arc welding processes to solve in-process cracking issues, testing of alternative materials/processing for product life improvements and lower manufacturing cost, and problem-solving of thermal processing issues related to product quality and defects. He also has experience providing consulting and recommendation for carburizing and batch heat treating furnace improvements, as well as testing of alternative heat treatment processes for improved life of automotive gearing.

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