Pavement Condition Assessments

May 4, 2023


Pavement Condition Assessments
It’s Time to Plan for Summer Construction


Parking lots are often the first visible component of a property seen by potential customers and tenants. Asphalt and concrete deterioration are not only visually unpleasant; they also pose a significant slip, trip, fall, and driving hazard. Falling behind on regular inspections and maintenance of parking lots, curbs, sidewalks, and roadways can lead to expensive and dangerous accidents that may have otherwise been avoided.

Our experts can assess, improve, and extend the life of any paving investment. Conducted by an experienced and professional team of pavement engineers and concrete experts, Rimkus pavement condition assessments help clients protect their customers and employees, save money, and enhance the performance of paved surfaces.


A Rimkus pavement condition assessment can help:

  • Protect client and employee safety
  • Plan for future repairs and maintenance
  • Avoid emergency repairs
  • Assist in proactive budget forecasting
  • Address planning and permitting issues
  • Ensure compliance with guidelines
  • Improve stormwater drainage
  • Evaluate environmental stressors


We offer years of professional experience managing construction projects of all sizes from coast to coast. Our methodical assessments and quality observation procedures ensure that all specifications are met or exceeded by reliable contractors working to our highest standards.

Our teams of pavement engineers and technical consultants hold extensive industry experience spanning all aspects of the built environment.

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