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June 5, 2023

The Rimkus Austin team offers years of significant industry experience related to engineering, transportation, construction, environmental assessments, and more. We provide a comprehensive approach to evaluating property damage involving all types of building systems and structures.

Major property losses can arise from severe weather events, fire, explosions, earthquakes, and vehicle or tree impacts, as well as deficiencies in design, construction, and maintenance.

From one-story houses to high-rise office buildings, roadway pavement to multi-span highway bridges, signposts to grain bins, and all forms of residential, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, municipal, and agricultural facilities, Rimkus has the expertise to isolate and determine the extent of the damage, evaluate the cause of loss, and offer solutions for recovery.

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Aditya Sura Ananda, P.E.
Austin, TX


Aditya Sura Ananda is a Rimkus Consultant and professional engineer registered in Florida and Texas. As a forensic investigator, Mr. Sura Ananda is responsible for investigating failure and damage conditions in commercial and residential structures and properties, including the analysis of architectural, civil, structural, and construction related components and systems, to determine the origin and cause of failures and the extent and repairability of the associated damage. His experience includes the preparation and review of design drawings and contract documents for a wide variety of structures ranging from luxury condominiums to high-rise buildings. He has been involved in the analysis and design of materials including steel, concrete, masonry, and wood. Mr. Sura Ananda earned an M.S. in civil engineering with a specialization in structural engineering, mechanics, and materials from the Georgia Institute of Technology.



Ezequiel Juarez Ocanas, P.E.
Austin, TX


Ezequiel Juarez Ocanas is a Consultant in the Rimkus Property practice with more than eight years of experience as a forensics engineering consultant. He has extensive knowledge of construction materials, methods, and building codes obtained through preparing several hundred cost estimates for residential and commercial properties. His mechanical engineering experience extends to the design and vibration analysis of nano- and micro-electro mechanical systems using numerical simulation and design software, such as SolidWorks, MATLAB, and AUTO-07P. He provides cause and origin investigations related to property loss and structural failures and has been involved in forensic structural evaluations of residential and commercial buildings subject to hail, wind, hurricane (flood vs. wind), tornado, foundation movement, vehicle impact, tree impact, explosion, and fire events. He also has experience in vehicle and crash site inspections and is certified to use the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system. Mr. Juarez Ocanas earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley.



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