Renewable Energy Services: Solar

March 30, 2023

Renewable Energy Services: Solar


The Rimkus team offers a comprehensive approach to the design, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy systems.

Our consultants have significant experience with installation of solar/photovoltaic (PV) projects and other green building systems related to heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC), and lighting. Large projects such as these may require independent cost control and program delay assessment; Rimkus experts have provided these services on multiple utility-scale solar farms around the world.

Solar rooftop installations often involve pre-construction inspections of the building envelope, particularly roofing membranes and insulation systems, to assess for prior leaks/damage. To perform these inspections, Rimkus experts can use both traditional “in-person” methods, as well as drones.

Additionally, once a solar system is installed, we can perform electrical testing and inspection of the systems, as well as periodic thermographic scans of the installed PV modules to identify degradation of the system over time. Similarly, where solar assets form part of a property purchase, we can provide due diligence services for the renewables assets as part of its larger property due diligence services.

From construction through remediation, Rimkus experts are uniquely qualified to manage renewable energy projects.


Our solar sector services include:
  • Analysis of building structure overload and envelope damage resulting from building-mounted PV installations
  • Analysis of structural and mechanical failures of utility-scale, single-axis tracker systems
  • Preparation of computer-generated animations to illustrate how tracker systems react to oscillating loads
  • Materials testing and analysis of failed components
  • Assessment of microcracking
  • Testing protocols for heat-damaged PV modules
  • Meteorological studies
  • Hail damage assessment
  • Hail, wind, and snow damage assessment
  • Fire damage assessment
  • Evaluation of earth protection systems
  • Power transmission system evaluations
  • Solar energy grid analyses
  • Construction disputes and forensic delay analysis
  • Pre-construction building envelope inspections
  • Construction management/monitoring for new rooftop and utility-scale solar installations
  • Due diligence for existing solar assets


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