Rimkus Building Consulting Forensic Services

January 12, 2023

Rimkus Building Consulting Forensic Services
Industry-leading Expertise



Property damage is common. Rimkus’ building consulting team’s extensive restoration background can help you return chaos to normalcy quickly and cost effectively.

The initial phase of property damage from fire, flood, weather, and other events, can create an emergency situation for the property owner. Because time is money, property owners hire emergency restoration contractors to mitigate the damage. When our team is engaged during the Emergency Services phase of a loss, we have a proven record of helping to eliminate unnecessary reconstruction costs.

Accident Reconstruction
The “right tools for the job” are paramount, and we have a vast array of tools in our toolbox.


Our experts have the experience necessary to drive the work to the proper time and cost conclusions. We are an objective, third party that will help control costs and assist with your loss.

We are able to recognize the details that determine the nature of the damage, how to identify critical business priorities, and the proper action to take. Rimkus consultants offer sensibility to the application of restoration and remediation problems.

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