Rimkus CAT Services

October 7, 2022

Hurricane Ian left a path of debris and destruction as it traveled through Florida and the Carolina states, causing widespread property damage, power outages, and flooding.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with those affected by the storm. Should you need us, Rimkus experts are ready to respond in all affected states.

Contact us today at 800-580-3228 or IanCatAssignments@rimkus.com.

Rimkus CAT teams are composed of licensed engineers, cost estimators, construction experts, and building consultants who can provide storm damage assessments and guidance through the remediation and reconstruction process.

Our consultants are prepared to assist with the evaluation of residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure losses. We can also provide a broad scope of emergency mitigation consulting services related to restoration, remediation, reconstruction, and the evaluation of machinery and equipment.

From damage assessment through repair project completion, Rimkus experts are ready to help.

We’re here for you, should you need us today, tomorrow, or in the challenging months ahead.

Contact us today at 800-580-3228 or IanCatAssignments@rimkus.com to request property assessment, mitigation and construction consulting, and remediation design services. We’re ready to help.

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