Rimkus Consulting Expert Update, May 2022

May 4, 2022

Rimkus is a worldwide leader in engineering and technical consulting. Operating from more than 100 offices around the globe, we provide services to corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies.

We are dedicated to the timely resolution of accidents, claims, and legal disputes. Providing technical solutions for the built environment, we proactively identify, mitigate, and eliminate the complex risks inherent in the procurement, design, construction, and operation of facilities.

Today we’re highlighting a few consultants from across our company. Read below to learn about the consulting services these experts provide to Rimkus clients both locally and around the world.

Andrew F. DeCoursy, P.E.
Senior Consultant
Tampa, FL

Andrew F. DeCoursy is a licensed professional engineer with more than 20 years of experience providing civil engineering and construction project management services on a wide range of public works projects including bridge design/construction, tunnels and subsurface structures and excavation, waterproofing, structural repairs/rehabilitation, roadway design, and construction, among others. Mr. DeCoursy’s industry knowledge has been developed over 20 years of heavy construction experience with a focus on value engineering, labor and subcontractor coordination, jobsite safety, client relations, trade relations, and overall project management from inception through completion. He has a thorough knowledge of concrete formwork design/erection, concrete testing and inspection, steel design and inspection, rigging and crane usage, construction scheduling, and cost estimating.


James R. Desmond, C.D.S.
Senior Consultant
Pensacola, FL

James “Jim” Desmond holds numerous certifications and industry awards, including Certified Director of Safety, OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Certification, and is an Instructor/Trainer for a nationally recognized driver improvement (defensive driving) program. He has more than 30 years of experience in the commercial transportation industry, with the most recent 12 years in senior safety and compliance leadership roles. He has worked to develop safety process management tools, consulted on an electronic logging device (ELD) product design, and created custom training curriculum. Mr. Desmond currently serves as the Florida Trucking Association Safety Management Council Education Chair. As a Rimkus Senior Consultant, he consults on several areas of the commercial transportation industry including driver standard of care; DOT compliance; driver hiring, qualifications, and training; loading/unloading procedures; load securement; forklift operations; loading dock operations; and longer combination vehicles (LCV) operation. View his profile to learn more.

Benjamin A. Frank, P.E., ACTAR
Senior Consultant
Detroit, MI

Benjamin Frank is a professional engineer registered in five states, an ACTAR-certified Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist, and a certified UAV/drone pilot. His professional background includes the development, testing, and evaluation of restraint and vehicle structural systems. While at multiple vehicle manufacturers, he created and executed test plans for components and full vehicle crash test plans to certify motor vehicle lines to regulatory (FMVSS) and other (IIHS, NCAP, internal corporate) requirements. He provides engineering consulting services to include vehicle accident reconstruction and analysis, vehicle system evaluation and failure analysis, perception and reaction times, intersection line of sight and traffic signal analysis, insurance fraud/consistency evaluation, and low-speed collision evaluation for biomechanical analysis.

Thomas J. Kulaga, P.E.
Principal Consultant
Phoenix, AZ

Thomas Kulaga is a Rimkus Principal Consultant and licensed mechanical engineer in Arizona and New Mexico with more than 20 years of experience in thermal, structural, and optical design and analysis. He is well-versed in a variety of manufacturing technologies, and he has lead teams of engineers in the execution of major design projects and the development of new technologies from conception to production. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, Mr. Kulaga has developed innovative multiphysics analysis techniques for the evaluation of designs of all sizes, and his design background has resulted in ten patents in multiple fields. He is qualified to analyze a wide range of failures and accidents, including mechanical, electro-mechanical, thermal, plumbing, and fluid systems. View his full profile to learn more.

Jimmy Monahan, P.E.
Principal Consultant
New York, NY

Jimmy Monahan is a professional engineer licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Texas. His experience includes management of multiple building envelope projects including FISP inspections, building envelope surveys, and leak investigations; he is currently overseeing the building envelope capital plans for 171 buildings for two major condominiums in the Bronx, New York. Mr. Monahan’s background as a structural engineer involves the design of load-bearing structures composed of steel, concrete, and masonry. Such structures include commercial buildings, residential high-rises, freestanding walls, retaining walls, dunnage support, equipment supports, platforms, foundations, and braced frames. As a Principal Consultant, he provides designs for all aspects of building envelope restoration projects, including drawings, specifications, and bid matrices. View his full profile to learn more.



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