Rimkus Rapid Response Update

February 5, 2021

In order to meet today’s complex challenges, Rimkus Consulting Group provides more than 600 professional engineers, scientists, and consulting experts who offer real-world expertise that spans across a broad spectrum of public and private environments. We’re highlighting San Antonio-based Consultant David Lund, whose extensive photography skillset and background as a Texas Peace Officer coincide with his responsibilities as a member of the Rimkus Rapid Response team. To learn more about David’s expertise or the Rimkus Rapid Response capabilities near you, click below.

David Lund is a Transportation Consultant based in the Rimkus San Antonio office. As an ACTAR-accredited vehicle accident reconstructionist and former licensed Texas Peace Officer, David has performed hundreds of accident reconstructions and analyses on cases involving commercial tractor/trailers, passenger vehicles, pedestrian accidents, bicycle and motorcycle collisions, and rollovers.

David is a member of the Rimkus Rapid Response team, which prioritizes a timely response to accidents in order to preserve the scene and evidence. His background as a police officer includes extensive rapid response experience providing the knowledge and expertise to respond quickly to urgent matters. David also has the high-end photography skill set necessary for capturing accident site details for both daylight accidents and complex nighttime crashes. A member of the Professional Photographers of America, David’s photography expertise extends to both teaching and publication. As a Rapid Response team member, he applies his extensive background in forensic photography to the documentation of accident scenes and elements. His expertise and industry experience allow him to provide Rimkus clients with efficient and thorough investigations of vehicle accidents before evidence and site details are cleared away.

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