Structural Engineering

November 16, 2023

Structural Engineering Services

The engineers, architects, and technical specialists on the Rimkus team can help optimize building performance and extend life expectancy of any size portfolio. Our experts have experience with a wide range of building projects, and we offer a comprehensive suite of services for the built environment.

Structural Condition Assessments

Regular assessment of a building and its components is a crucial step in identifying problem areas, mitigating risks, and extending the lifespan of a building. Our highly qualified experts are knowledgeable in local regulatory requirements and can help building owners and managers stay in compliance as well as protect people and property.

Structural Design and Specification

The Rimkus team offers significant experience designing structures and structural components. Our designs and specifications are praised for their high level of detail and accuracy, bringing value to our clients in the form of fewer overruns, revisions, and/or costly contractor change orders.

Restoration Design

When properties are damaged, our building experts apply years of design experience to return spaces to pre-loss conditions. With a focus on restoration, we provide clients with thorough infrastructure design solutions and effectively diagnose the proper design repair.


Our professional design services extend to new construction design elements, as well as those elements that are prone to construction defects, such as waterproofing, drainage, and building envelope systems. We prioritize sustainability, resilience, and maintainability to provide long-lasting and energy-efficient solutions to building problems.

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