Tour the Technology Used by Our Experts

May 7, 2020

Rimkus consultants utilize Matterport 3D scanning technology to quickly produce high-resolution renderings of accident sites and loss locations. Matterport cameras can take hundreds of photos and stitch them together to produce highly detailed visual aids useful in origin and cause inspections and the courtroom.

Take a look around the garage of this fire-damaged home to see how this technology allows Rimkus Fire Consultants to revisit and assess the damage once they’ve left the scene. Once you’ve opened the scan, click the green MatterTag to begin.

Matterport technology can capture 3D fire scene models and 360° photos for spherical views of damage, providing Rimkus’ clients with the tools to better visualize and understand a fire’s origin, cause, and path.

Ask your local fire expert about including a Matterport scan in your next assignment.

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