Toxicology Expertise: Understanding PFAS/PFOS

June 27, 2024

Forever Chemicals: What You Should Know

“Forever chemicals,” also known as PFAS or PFOS, are synthetic compounds used in various consumer products and industrial applications. Known for their water- and grease-resistant properties, these chemicals pose significant health and environmental concerns due to their potential toxicity and accumulation in living organisms.

The consultants on the Rimkus Toxicology and Food Safety team specialize in detecting and analyzing PFAS/PFOS to understand their effects on human health. Considering their environmental contamination and potential toxicity, investigation of forever chemicals’ exposure levels, possible sources, and associated health outcomes requires significant expertise. When clients need to accurately assess and understand PFAS exposure, sources, and potential health impacts, they trust Rimkus experts to help determine what happened and what’s next.

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Understanding PFAS/PFOS aka “Forever Chemicals”: An Evolving Regulatory Landscape is a one-hour presentation designed to inform participants about the potential hazards of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, also known as “PFAS”, or “PFOS.” The information in this course helps attendees comprehend where to locate and how to identify PFAS. It also covers some of the latest regulations and health concerns regarding “forever chemicals.”

This free, one-hour webinar led by Principal Consultant Christopher Spaeth, Ph.D., is now available on demand at the link below.

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The Consulting Expert®: Christopher Spaeth, Ph.D.

Christopher Spaeth, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant
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Dr. Christopher Spaeth has more than 17 years of experience in toxicology, neuroscience, genetics, and molecular biology and multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals. He specializes in the areas of neuro-toxicology cases, specifically involving the psychomotor impairments of both prescription and recreational drugs.

As a former cosmetic toxicologist at a leading cosmetic company, he also has working experience with hazard assessments, dose and exposure assessments, risk assessments and management, and communicating these results to stakeholders across all business units as it relates to cosmetic skincare and consumer products. His expertise has been shared in numerous industry publications; read two of his thought leadership articles below.

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