A Comprehensive Approach to Transportation Investigations in the Pacific Northwest

December 7, 2023

Rimkus consultants provide expertise related to injury biomechanics, accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, toxicology, and digital intelligence. Our highly skilled team has the knowledge and experience to help clients in the Pacific Northwest understand complex transportation accidents.

Meet the Experts
James Jordan

Gary Yamaguchi, Ph.D., P.E., NCEES
Principal Consultant
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Dr. Gary Yamaguchi is a Rimkus Biomechanical Consultant whose practice focuses on determining biomechanical mechanisms of injury and reconstructing both vehicular and biomechanical accidents. His areas of expertise include analyses of low-speed and high-severity vehicular accidents; vehicle-to-pedestrian impacts; spinal injuries; slips, trips, and falls; fall protection systems; sports injuries; mechanical design; product liability; and premises liability.

Dr. Yamaguchi is also a registered professional engineer (mechanical) with significant expertise in modeling and analyzing the dynamics of human body motions. He received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (design division, biomechanics) from Stanford University and his S.M. (masters) in mechanical engineering from MIT.


John Straubinger, P.E., ACTAR, CFEI
Senior Consultant
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John Straubinger is an ACTAR-certified traffic accident reconstructionist and a professional engineer (mechanical) licensed in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Mr. Straubinger has extensive experience performing investigations of vehicle and mechanical system failures.

He provides consulting services and accident reconstructions involving commercial and passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. He has knowledge and hands-on experience in vehicle systems, including suspension components, brakes, restraints and safety systems, engines and drivetrains, and off-road modifications. He has been trained in high-performance driving and has a thorough knowledge of vehicle dynamics. Mr. Straubinger has also performed service and diagnostics on vehicle engines, steering components, brakes, bodywork, electronics, and ignition systems.


Carla Kinslow, Ph.D.
Director, Toxicology and Food Safety
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Dr. Kinslow holds a doctorate in biomedical sciences, cell biology/molecular toxicology, with more than 31 years of biomedical, regulatory, and environmental experience. She has decades of experience specializing in forensic analysis of drug and alcohol impairment.

Dr. Kinslow has the background and training to dive deep into the physiological mechanisms that are susceptible to prescription, over-the-counter, or illicit drug use to help understand the impacts drugs may have on any physical process. These processes include the ability to drive, operate machinery, or make decisions.

Built Environment Solutions
Digital Intelligence Services

The specialized experts at Rimkus and Unique Wire partner to help clients understand complex technical issues by extracting and analyzing critical information from digital devices, networks, and data sources. We employ cutting-edge tools and methodologies to uncover and interpret digital evidence for legal, investigative, or security purposes.

Supported by the deep bench of experts on the global Rimkus team, we provide a comprehensive approach to digital forensics that spans multiple industries. Our Digital Intelligence forensic services play a crucial role in helping clients preserve digital evidence, understand the scope of incidents, and facilitate informed decision-making.

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The Rimkus experts in Seattle and Portland apply decades of experience to help clients answer their most complex questions. Connect with our team to learn more.
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Matt R. Stearns
Director, Business Development

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Kenneth S.C. Wong
District Manager

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