Building and Fire Code Consulting

May 18, 2023

Building and Fire Code Consulting
Maintain Compliance to Protect People and Property


Fire protection and life safety are crucial considerations for maintaining a healthy building and protecting its property and occupants. Rimkus Consultants are uniquely qualified to provide thorough assessments and recommendations of building systems and components. Our comprehensive team of architects, engineers, construction experts, and other technical specialists work together to provide a single-source solution to building and fire code compliance.

From more than 110 offices worldwide, we provide local experts who are familiar with regional and institutional requirements. We can assist with the entire life cycle of system maintenance from design through repair or replacement.


Our areas of expertise include:


Building Codes and Standards

  • Audits and Compliance
  • Compliance Alternatives (e.g., Egress Analysis)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Damaged Fire Separation Assessment and Restoration
  • Egress Analysis
  • Emergency Voice Communication Equipment
  • Life Safety Studies
  • Review of Architectural Design Drawings
  • Sprinkler System Design and Retrofit

Fire/Life Safety Codes and Standards

  • Fire Alarm System Design, Retrofit, and Upgrade
  • Fire Code Audits and Compliance
  • Fire Code Conflict Resolution
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Flow Tests
  • Smoke Control Systems


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