Environmental and Health Sciences Consulting Services

May 24, 2023

Handling environmental clean-up assignments or mitigating health and safety issues requires years of industry experience. The Rimkus team of experts applies decades of significant expertise to resolving environmental and health sciences issues, providing objective analyses to deal with matters effectively and efficiently.

Our environmental consultants utilize substantial experience with industry operations, waste management practices, remediation techniques and costs, and government regulations to provide a cost-effective and supportable basis for our investigations.

When addressing environmental contamination or a potential exposure event, we can offer a complete review of historical documentation, knowledge of industrial and manufacturing operations, and thorough understanding of chemical characteristics to assist in identification of the source and timing of releases, determination of an emergency response or remediation, and a comprehensive assessment of the cleanup methodology and costs.


Our Environmental and Health Sciences Services include:

  • Environmental Forensics
  • Site Cleanup and Costs
  • Failure Assessments
  • Incident Oversight
  • Emerging Concerns
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Safety
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