Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)

April 14, 2022


MEP Failures to HVAC (Credit: 1 hour)
Lightning Damage to HVAC* (Credit: 1 hour)


Electrical Appliance Failures (Credit: 1 hour)
Electrical Related Damages to HVAC Equipment* (Credit: 1 hour)
Electrical Definitions and Investigations (Credit: 2 hours)
Electrical Facts, Myths, and Others* (Credit: 1 hour)
Electrical Investigations (Credit: 1 hour)
Electrical Shock Drowning Analysis* (Credit: 1 hour)
Fundamental Electrical Principles (Credit: 2 hours)
Investigation of Electrical Damage to HVAC Systems* (Credit: 1 hour)
Lightning Strikes (Credit: 2 hours)
Power Surges and Utility Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
Power Surges and Utility Claims (Credit: 2 hours)
Smart Vehicles & Smart Homes (Credit: 1 hour)


Cast Iron Plumbing Systems Failure Analysis* (Credit: 1 hour)
Cast Iron Plumbing Systems Part II: Failure and Repair Analysis* (Credit: 1 hour)
Foundation and Plumbing Repairs (Credit: 1 hour)
Plumbing Evaluation Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
Plumbing Systems (Credit: 1 hour)
Plumbing Systems Installation & Testing (Credit: 1 hour)
Residential, Mechanical & Plumbing Construction Defects (Credit: 1 hour)
Sewer and Plumbing Failure Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)

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