Fire Suppression System Failures and Subrogation

April 3, 2024

Investigating Fire Suppression System Failures: Solutions Start Here

Fire suppression system failures can result in devastating consequences, leaving properties vulnerable to extensive damage and endangering lives. Whether due to mechanical malfunction, insufficient maintenance, or design flaws, these failures underscore the critical importance of robust fire safety protocols and regular system inspections.

Investigations of fires and explosions require a unique and specific set of skills utilizing a methodology based on the scientific approach. To support fire origin and cause investigations, Rimkus fire investigators apply their in-depth knowledge of best practices for fire investigation, fire science, fire scene safety, and building systems.

Our experts are well-versed in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards used to evaluate design, failures, and actions that may have contributed or led to fire suppression system failures, as well as the potential subrogation components required when investigating fires involving commercial cooking facilities.

We can play a crucial role in determining the origin and root cause of commercial kitchen fires, including failures in fire suppression systems. Our meticulous analysis can provide critical insights into system malfunctions or deficiencies, which help inform subrogation claims and facilitate liability determinations for insurance companies seeking compensation for damages incurred.

Comprehensive Fire Expertise

Rimkus offers extensive experience evaluating the origin and cause of fires and explosions involving vehicles, homes, schools, commercial and industrial facilities, agricultural and heavy equipment, and marine vessels.

When products, equipment, systems, or processes are suspected as contributing factors to a fire or explosion, our fire consultants collaborate with our engineers, chemists, materials scientists, and other specialized experts to perform detailed failure analysis and testing to verify the root cause and ignition sequence. We offer a comprehensive approach to isolating the facts and determining the origin and cause of losses.

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Learn from Our Fire Experts

Thomas W. Young, Vice President, Rimkus Fire Practice, and Phillip A. Keena, Senior Consultant, shared their expertise in a continuing education webinar titled “Subrogation and Restaurant Fire Suppression System Failures.”

The course provided an overview of origin and cause investigations for commercial cooking operations. In the presentation, Tom and Phil discussed the evaluation of design, failures, and actions contributing/leading to suppression system failures and reviewed the potential subrogation components required when investigating fires involving commercial cooking facilities.

This webinar is now available on-demand and provides the opportunity to earn CLE Home Study credit.

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