Introducing Biomechanical Engineer Dr. Xin Ye!

August 25, 2023

Introducing Biomechanical Engineer Dr. Xin Ye!

Xin Ye, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
(813) 289-3060

Based in Southern California, expert Dr. Xin Ye has significant expertise and accomplishments related to biomechanics and expert testimony. He has more than five years of experience as a biomechanical engineer and specializes in analyzing human movement and its impact on injuries and accidents.

Dr. Ye provides consulting services to insurance carriers, law firms, and corporate clients. He evaluates and analyzes biomechanical systems, providing expertise and analysis for human injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes, falls, or other activities. His expertise includes vehicle accident reconstruction, injury causation, and consistency analysis, as well as investigation of injury mechanisms and associated contributing factors.

Dr. Ye is a trusted and sought-after expert witness in the legal community; his keen eye for detail, rigorous analysis, and clear communication have consistently proven invaluable in helping attorneys, law firms, and judges understand complex technical concepts during litigation.


Key Areas of Expertise


Accident Reconstruction

Xin Ye excels in reconstructing accidents to determine the cause and mechanics of injuries, providing critical insights into the sequence of events that led to the incident. He has experience in modeling the behavior of vehicle occupants during impacts, with a particular focus on lower extremities injuries. He also specializes in driver injury mechanism analysis. Dr. Ye delves into the specific mechanisms that contribute to lower extremity injuries in frontal collisions; his research has provided valuable insights into injury patterns, occupant kinematics, and potential injury mitigations.

Thoracolumbar Spine Fracture Analysis

Dr. Ye has significant expertise the evaluation of thoracolumbar spine fractures resulting from frontal crashes. His in-depth knowledge of spinal biomechanics allows him to determine the specific mechanisms that lead to these injuries, enabling him to identify factors contributing to the severity of fractures.

Personal Injury

Dr. Ye’s expertise in biomechanics allows him to assess the severity and causation of injuries sustained in various accidents, providing evidence-based opinions in personal injury cases.

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