New York City Update on Use of Uncrewed Aircraft

August 25, 2023

We are excited to share additional information related to the recent announcement made by the City of New York regarding the utilization of uncrewed aircraft, commonly known as drones. These new regulations and guidelines are aimed at establishing a safe and responsible framework for the take-off and landing of drones, ensuring both public safety and the privacy of residents.

The newly introduced rules encompass a comprehensive range of applications for drone technology, including building inspections, infrastructure assessments, and capital project planning. By implementing these regulations, the New York Police Department (NYPD) aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of various operations while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

One of the key benefits of these new or updated regulations is their possibility and feasibility to supplement façade inspections. Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors will now be able to utilize drones as a supplemental means to assess portions of buildings that are otherwise challenging to access through traditional means. We must note that while these new regulations have been enacted, they do not take the place of the required close-up inspections. Nonetheless, this advancement promises to significantly improve inspection accuracy and efficiency, ultimately contributing to safer structures and more streamlined processes.

The experts at Rimkus are thrilled about this development and its potential to reshape the way inspections and assessments are carried out in New York City. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the program, you may find the following two documents valuable:

Application Process Guide: This guide outlines the step-by-step procedure for applying for drone operation permits in New York City. It covers the necessary documentation, application submission, and essential guidelines to ensure compliance. You can access the guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): For a clear understanding of various aspects of the program, NYC has prepared an FAQ document. It addresses common questions, such as how to submit an application, the lead time required for drone operations, and penalties for misuse of drones. You can find the FAQ document here.

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