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February 28, 2024

Uncover Hidden Issues: Forensic Mechanical and Electrical Investigations

Rimkus mechanical and electrical engineers specialize in forensic and failure analysis to address a broad spectrum of issues involving machines, electrical equipment, HVAC, plumbing, and other complex systems. These issues include personal injury, cause of failure, scope of damage, cost of repair, and fire causation.

Mechanical Engineering

Our seasoned team conducts detailed investigations into mechanical failures of equipment, structures, and components for a wide variety of issues, errors, and defects. We bring extensive experience to understand the cause of failure and evaluate the underlying design in a cost-effective, organized way that aligns with industry standards and regulations.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineers on our team bring a wealth of expertise and excel at diagnosing and resolving electrical failures. We conduct in-depth assessments of power distribution systems, identify problems, and quickly resolve issues. We work collaboratively with our in-house fire investigation team to evaluate electrical fire causes and develop an end-to-end understanding of fire ignition and progression. Our team is trained and experienced in understanding lightning damage, electrical shocks, electrical machines, and other frequent forensic subjects to help our clients understand and resolve these problems in an efficient and meaningful way.

Rimkus Mechanical and Electrical Expertise Includes:

  • Failed or Underperforming HVAC Systems
  • Leaking, Damaged, or Outdated Plumbing and Piping Systems
  • Broken Doors, Railings, and Chairs
  • Fire Causation in Buildings, Appliances, and Equipment
  • Structural and Machine Failures
  • Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walkways
  • Fire Protection Systems and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Electrical Shocks and Injuries
  • Equipment Damage Evaluations
  • Lightning and Surge Damage
  • Industrial Control Systems

Comprehensive Expertise

What sets Rimkus apart is our integrated approach to mechanical and electrical services. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates to provide thorough solutions that address the interconnected nature of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. This approach ensures seamless functionality and optimal performance across all systems.

Our engineers conduct thorough forensic analyses to identify risks and vulnerabilities in mechanical and electrical systems. Through these evaluations, we provide clients with clear insights into the root causes of complex issues and the confidence needed to take decisive action.

Beyond identifying problems, we can offer actionable recommendations to optimize the performance and efficiency of mechanical and electrical systems. Supported by the Rimkus team of engineers, architects, and technical consultants who specialize in solutions for the built environment, we can help clients implement proactive measures to mitigate risks and enhance the resilience of their spaces.

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