Roof and Pavement Condition Assessments

February 29, 2024

Roof and Pavement Condition Assessments

The cold temperatures, snow, and freezing rain of the winter season can negatively impact properties, potentially leading to costly damage and safety hazards. As spring approaches, it is important for building owners and facilities managers to take proactive measures and schedule their condition assessments of roof and pavement systems to better understand the life expectancy of their properties, address immediate concerns, optimize performance, and expedite remediation strategies.

When conducted by Rimkus’ experienced team of roof and pavement engineers, condition assessments can help clients protect their customers and employees, save money, as well as improve and maintain the integrity of their properties.

Roof Consulting Services

A roof condition assessment helps to better understand the life expectancy of a roof, optimize building performance and is the most effective way to avoid costly surprises. It is difficult to stop a roof leak when it is raining or when the roof is covered with snow. Proactive roof assessments are the best way to prevent unexpected damage. Similarly, after a storm event, a prompt assessment will help address immediate concerns and expedite a remediation strategy.

Roof Consulting Expertise

  • Assistance with Bid Process: Contractor Prequalification, Contract Negotiations, and Development
  • Energy Audits
  • Condition Assessments
  • Contract Administration
  • Destructive Investigation
  • Drone Surveys
  • Heritage/Historic Repair Replacement
  • Leak Investigations
  • Preparation of Complete Bid Documents, Technical Specifications, and Detail Drawings
  • Remediation Design Development
  • Review of Construction Work in Progress
  • Rooftop Energy Development
  • Rooftop Safety and Access Surveys


  • Architectural Technologists
  • Building Science Specialists (BSS)
  • Certified Engineering Technologists (CET)
  • Construction Professional Roofers
  • Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)
  • Registered Roof Consultants (RRC)
  • Registered Roof Observers (RRO)
  • Thermographic Certification (Levels I and II)
  • UAV Advanced Certification

Diagnostic Testing

  • Thermographic Scans
  • Verification Testing Service

Pavement Engineering Services

Our experts can assess, improve, and extend the life of any paving investment. Conducted by an experienced and professional team of pavement engineers and concrete experts, Rimkus pavement condition assessments help clients protect their customers and employees, save money, and enhance the performance of their paved surfaces.

Pavement Consulting Services

  • Capital Planning
  • Curbs, Walks, and Drainage Issues
  • Engineered Pavement Design
  • Geotechnical and Subsurface Analysis
  • Identification of Potential Safety Hazards
  • Lighting Standards
  • Parking Lot and Pavement Assessments

Tendering/Bidding and Prequalification of Contractors

  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Cost and Schedule Control
  • Ease Conditions, Requirements, and Practices

Contract Administration

  • Payment Review
  • Preparation of Change Orders
  • Review of Shop Drawings and/or Material Submissions

Pavement Rehabilitation Field Review

  • Construction Reviews
  • Contract Administration
  • Verification of Unit Pricing

Our significant industry expertise allows us to apply a unique perspective to finding the most practical, cost-effective solutions to project challenges. We can help evaluate and address the specific vulnerabilities of buildings and their systems.

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