MEP Expertise: Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

February 7, 2024

When a lithium-ion battery is involved in a fire, Rimkus consultants provide a full suite of services to help clients understand exactly what happened. Our engineers offer years of specialized expertise pertaining to the failure of these batteries.

Investigations include examination of the physical aspects of the battery to assess its overall condition and identify any signs of external damage. Rimkus mechanical and electrical engineers can analyze the stressors that may have led to the failure of the battery components. Our engineers can examine the electrical aspects of the battery implementation, including the charging, battery monitoring, and the overload safety systems, in order to identify any circumstances that could have triggered a thermal runaway or short circuit.

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When clients retain Rimkus to investigate matters related to lithium-ion batteries, we can analyze property damage claims, fire incidents, and personal (burn) injuries. By collaborating with other members of the Rimkus team who specialize in fire science and human factors, we apply thorough expertise to piece together a comprehensive understanding of the battery fire. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to determine not only the fire’s origin and cause, but also provide insights, as needed, to inform safety improvements, regulatory changes, and advancements in battery technology to prevent future incidents.
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