Building Materials and Products

Each year, Rimkus evaluates a wide range of products and equipment involving design errors and omissions, defects, and material failures that have contributed to personal injury or property loss.

Our engineers, chemists, metallurgists, and scientists offer extensive experience in product testing to analyze the cause and effect relationships between design and use of products and equipment. Our staff examines the entire life cycle, from inception to end use, including design, fabrication, installation, training, operation and maintenance.

We design tests and participate in non-destructive and destructive testing of product and materials, such as concrete, structural framing, roofing systems and materials, waterproofing and vapor barriers, plumbing and HVAC systems, electrical distribution, and related components and materials to determine products and materials conform to industry accepted quality and performance standards.

Our approach is designed to determine whether the equipment or product failure initiated or contributed to a chain of events which led to property damage or bodily injury incident. With expertise in construction and building sciences, Rimkus can verify the root cause of loss, as well as the contributing factors to product and material failures.