Renewable Energy Services Support Sustainable Properties

June 13, 2024

Renewable Energy Services Support Sustainable Properties

Rimkus offers a comprehensive approach to the design, implementation, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy systems. We draw upon significant experience in the rapidly expanding global renewable energy sector, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass. As new technologies emerge, we continue to expand our knowledge and expertise in order to find ways to incorporate them into the built environment.

Our experts provide a broad range of services focused on environmental, social, and (corporate) governance (ESG); greenhouse gas and carbon footprint reduction; and climate consulting. We apply our diverse experience with buildings and knowledge of their relationship with the surrounding environment to help our clients avoid unnecessary complications with the functionality of their buildings and systems.

Maximizing the value and life cycle of a building requires continuous performance monitoring and energy efficiency improvement. We partner with clients to proactively address performance issues and improve the way buildings are constructed by effectively utilizing sustainable materials and methods, when applicable.

Rimkus experts are uniquely qualified to manage all phases of renewable energy projects, including design, construction, and remediation. Our comprehensive team is familiar with the design and construction of renewable energy facilities and has been tasked with investigating a wide variety of issues pertaining to renewable energy systems. From construction disputes and delays to accidents and equipment failures, when needed, our experts can evaluate the cause and extent of damage, associated costs, and timeline to repair to pre-loss conditions. We can also analyze environmental impacts and economic damage, providing comprehensive client support throughout the lifecycle of renewable energy facilities.

Energy Audits

An energy audit helps in identifying and understanding major energy-saving opportunities within a property. It can also quantify a building in comparison to its peers. This comparison can then set realistic energy reduction targets and help improve the performance of energy-consuming systems.

Our energy audits can include:

  • Review of historical energy bills to develop an energy snapshot for comparison with other buildings
  • Assessment of retrofit savings potential
  • A detailed inventory of energy-consuming components and associated operating details
  • Discussions regarding past, current, and potential future energy retrofits
    • Lighting systems
    • Building envelope
    • Water-consuming equipment
    • HVAC equipment
    • Control systems
    • Common element equipment

Our qualified team of experts can help you accomplish your building’s energy goals. Contact us to learn more.

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