Legal Nurse Consultants: Experts in Analyzing Injury Patterns

June 12, 2024

From Medical Records to Courtroom: Legal Nurse Consultants on Injury Consistency

Injury consistency analysis involves evaluating how physics/forces on the body may have contributed to an injury accident. Personal injury matters are complex, because evaluations need to consider both the incident’s events as well as a person’s medical history. This means that medicolegal cases can involve a daunting number of complicated medical records, disorganized like thousands of jigsaw puzzle pieces in a box.

Rimkus Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) are master puzzle-solvers who use a wide array of skills and experiences gained in their professional medical careers to analyze medical records for injury consistency analysis, identifying factors that may not be obvious or readily apparent to attorneys, adjustors, or even physicians.

By working cohesively with biomechanical experts, Rimkus LNCs play a crucial role in injury consistency analysis. They help to define the complaints of injury that may have occurred during an incident and the pre-existing conditions that may affect an individual’s propensity to injury. Our LNCs are experts in performing in-depth medical record reviews, detailing factual chronologies, and providing narrative summaries. We specialize in the identification of missing records, key players, delays in care, and credibility issues. By delving into the medical records, an LNC can provide evidence that may assist in assessing the feasibility of personal injury claims made. This is vital to guide the biomechanical expert to the motions, forces, and mechanisms required to induce the injuries diagnosed.

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Case Study: Personal Injury Medical-Legal Nurse Review

When an older female was involved in a motor vehicle accident, she went to the emergency room and complained of pain in multiple areas of the body with no medical history. When Rimkus was tasked with investigating the matter, our LNC team evaluated the medical records.

Case Study

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Lisa M. Powers, BSN, RN, CNOR, CAISS, LNCC
Nurse Consultant
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Mary F. Jorgensen, RN, LNCC
Nurse Consultant
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Learn from a Legal Nurse Consultant

Uncovering Evidence: Analyzing Medical and Billing Records in Personal Injury Cases is a presentation designed to provide recommendations on how legal nurse consultants efficiently analyze medical and billing records to collect the evidence needed to defend, mitigate, and/or pursue damages related to allegations of injury.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Mary Jorgensen, RN, LNCC, details strategies that legal nurse reviewers use to extract facts that can be used as evidence to prove or negate the presence of duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Through multiple examples of medical records, she highlights the importance of a thorough review of medical and billing records to gather the evidence needed to support case strategy. View the full webinar on demand at the link below.

Attending our live webinar presentations provides US-based participants with the opportunity to earn CE or CLE credit hours. Want to receive invitations to our live webinars? Click below to be added to our list and never miss an opportunity to earn continuing education credit hours in select states.

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