Rimkus Forensic Services Update, July 2022

July 27, 2022

Rimkus is a worldwide leader in engineering and technical consulting. Operating from more than 110 offices around the globe, we provide services to corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies.

Our team’s legacy of innovation traces back to 1983; our focus is on the future and finding solutions to clients’ biggest challenges. We began in the forensics business, offering our clients an array of technical specialists, scientists, and engineers. Today, we continue with this forward-thinking approach as we broaden our capabilities by adding new experts and companies to our collaborative team.

We’re highlighting some of our key practice areas and services below. Read to learn about biomechanical and product liability services our experts provide to Rimkus clients around the world.

At Rimkus, our Biomechanical Engineering Group specializes in human and tissue biomechanics to meet the growing demand for scientifically based forensic investigations involving personal injuries.

Our biomechanics consultants offer a unique combination of expertise in physics, accident reconstruction dynamics, biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and human kinematics in order to analyze the effects of forces upon the body and determine the relationships between events and injuries. With a thorough knowledge of injury biomechanics, industry practices, training, safety, and regulations, our professional consultants can explain precisely what happened in a wide range of accidents, claims, and legal disputes.

Richard V. Baratta, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Vice President, Biomechanical Practice

Dr. Richard Baratta is Senior Vice President of the Rimkus Biomechanical Practice, a professional engineer registered in eleven states, a Bosch-certified crash data retrieval technician and analyst, and an ACTAR-accredited vehicle accident reconstructionist. He performs biomechanical analyses on cases involving low-speed accidents, driver determination, falling objects, slip and falls, amusement rides, and other accidental events. Dr. Baratta’s primary areas of consulting expertise include injury consistency biomechanics, accident reconstruction, medical device failures, and intellectual property. View his full profile to learn more.

Rimkus evaluates injury and property damage that may have been caused by failed consumer products, vehicles, machinery, or building materials. Our experts look at all phases of a product life cycle to help determine why a product may have failed.

Kuba J. Glazek, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant

A Senior Consultant in the Rimkus Human Factors Practice, Dr. Kuba Glazek assists clients with claims related to transportation, product and premises liability, retail, and sports/recreation. He has an extensive background in the investigation of human factors contributing to motor vehicle accidents, as well as examinations involving warning compliance, trip/slip and fall incidents, attention, perception-response time, color and depth perception, visibility, inexperience, negative transfer, and usability testing and research; visit his full profile to learn more.

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