Rimkus Sports Science Consulting

December 14, 2023

The Rimkus Sports Science Consulting group works with leagues and teams, governing bodies, athlete associations, manufacturers, and investors to tackle the unique challenges facing the sports, fitness, and human performance industries.

We have decades of experience in industry and academia providing comprehensive testing and research services, and our experts are leaders in the development of quality standards for the assessment of sport and wearable technologies.

Rimkus Sports Science Consultants are supported by our company’s global team, which offers additional expertise in areas such as human factors, movement science, medical devices, occupational safety, and multiple engineering disciplines including biomechanical, biomedical, electrical, and mechanical.

Whether validating advertising claims, developing a technology decision-making process, or managing a comprehensive research program, Rimkus is actively engaged in advancing human performance technology.

Sports Science Consulting Services

  • Product Validation Testing
  • Applied Research and Data Collection
  • Product Safety and Usability
  • Research Program Management
  • Scientific Consultation
  • Policy Development
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Technical Communications
  • Education Programs

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