roof condition assessment
roof condition assessment

Roof Condition Assessments

June 15, 2023


Roof Condition Assessments
Regular Inspections Reveal Hidden Issues

Regular roof inspections can help building owners and managers better understand the life expectancy of their roof systems. Rimkus offers a comprehensive suite of testing types and services to help clients identify unsafe conditions and potential leaks, as well as weather-related damage that should be reported to the building’s insurance carrier.

A roof condition assessment can help provide a better understanding of the life expectancy of a roof and outline key details for finding ways to optimize a building’s performance. Annual inspections are considered a minimum requirement for building owners, but quarterly or seasonal inspections are often the most effective way to avoid costly surprises.

It is difficult to stop a roof leak when it is raining or when the roof is covered with snow, so performing proactive roof assessments during optimal weather is recommended for preventing unexpected damage. Scheduling a roof condition assessment promptly after a storm event is another way to help address immediate concerns and expedite a remediation strategy.

Rimkus roof inspections begin with a visual assessment by a qualified roofing consultant. Our assessments include inspecting the roof edges, flashings, and roofing appurtenances, as well as the wide-open areas of the roof. Our roof inspections may also include infrared surveys and the use of equipment to identify moisture trapped beneath the roof.

Use of cutting-edge UAV/drone thermography technology allows us to provide more efficient and precise roof assessments. With the ability to capture high-resolution thermal images from aerial perspectives, drones enable rapid identification of thermal anomalies, such as leaks or insulation gaps, saving time and ensuring accurate, efficient evaluations.

In addition to visual roof condition assessments, Rimkus can also provide diagnostic testing services to help determine the condition of roof systems. Using the following suite of services, our experts help determine the pull-off strength of materials and coatings, scan for moisture intrusion/leaks, confirm safety loads, and answer other questions related to the integrity of a roof.

Our roof assessment services include:

  • Drone Thermography
  • Pull Tests
  • Bonded Uplift Tests
  • Roof Anchor Tests
  • Fastener Pull-out Tests
Our certified observers and trained technicians are equipped to assist with matters involving:

  • Roof Condition Analysis
  • Design, Specifications, and Tender
  • Contract Administration
  • Rooftop Quality Observation
  • Roof Management Programs
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Plaza Decks and Parkades
  • Roof Safety and Fall Protection Plans
  • Green Roofs and Photovoltaic Systems

Before, during, and after a roof condition assessment, Rimkus experts can deliver a thorough and precise inspection, followed by a prompt analysis outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the roof system to our valued clients.

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