Construction Advisory Services

June 8, 2023

Decisions made at the onset of a project can greatly impact overall results. Pre-construction errors may cause delays and cost overruns, and ultimately lead to construction defects. By collaborating with the project team during the design and pre-construction phases of a project, we assist with identification of potential construction risks to help eliminate costly rework and repairs.

During the construction phase, we can examine shop drawings and product submittals for consistency with pre-construction reviews. To ensure that work is executed in a reliable and verifiable manner, we can assist in the implementation of quality control plans. This includes the review, construction, and testing of mock-ups as part of an overall quality control strategy, along with field inspections of work in place.

We also continuously monitor the client’s financial commitment regarding construction costs. It starts with the earliest estimates in preconstruction, followed by detailed review and analysis of potential change orders submitted by contractors and vendors during construction, and culminates with the final financial closeout of the project.

The success of a well-managed project may often be defined by final disposition and closeout. Inadequately managed project closeouts lead to unrealized expectations and potential claims. Because the project closeout and turnover phases require as much effort and attention to detail as previous phases, we stay involved throughout project completion.

Our collaborative team of experienced architects, engineers, and construction managers offers comprehensive, effective support for minimizing risk by helping ensure projects will be completed according to plans, budget, and schedule.

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