Snow Load Removal Protocol

November 9, 2023

Snow Removal Protocol and Planning

The freeze and thaw cycle, low temperatures, and precipitation of winter weather bring many roof concerns for building owners, managers, and boards.

As the winter season brings snow and ice, rooftop snow loads may exceed load-bearing capacity, possibly compromising the structural integrity of buildings. Frozen masses may add additional weight beyond original design limits, and previous building codes may have specified lower design loads without considering regional snow accumulation.

Prepare for the unexpected by having buildings assessed by Rimkus’ qualified team of professionals. We can help develop formal protocol for snow load removal, which could decrease insurance premiums and allow for the optimization of removal budgets.

Rimkus Experts Can Assist With:
  • Review existing roof warranties
  • Review Regional Climatic Data for each building site
  • Review snow drifting adjacent to changes in roof elevation, parapets, and mechanical rooftop equipment
  • Review structural snow load from available structural drawings or provide a structural review of the site when no drawings are available
  • Prepare standard snow depth review and removal protocol

Making plans to remove rooftop snow can be a complicated process. Our engineers and building experts offer decades of expertise related to all phases of the built environment. With a focus on sustainability and maintainability, we can provide standard operating procedures for the review and removal of snow from rooftops.

Rimkus Plans Can Include:
  • A roof plan drawing of maximum permissible snow depths
  • Recommended methodology of snow removal
    • Avoiding improper removal, which can damage the roof membrane/rooftop equipment and void warranties
  • List of qualified contractors
  • Guidelines for provide proper supervision and accountability
  • Assistance in establishment of safety protocols based on local, provincial, and federal requirements
  • Recommendation of visual aids to help monitor snow depth levels

Our experienced engineers, registered roof observers, and technical consultants are ready to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with short- and long-term building plans.

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