Storm Damage Mitigation: Roof Consulting Services

June 5, 2024

Optimize the Performance of Your Property with Regular Roof Condition Assessments

A roof condition assessment helps to better understand the life expectancy of a roof and optimize building performance, but it’s also the most effective way to avoid costly surprises. It is difficult to stop a roof leak while it is raining, during a severe storm, or when the roof is covered with snow.

Proactive roof assessments are the best way to prevent unexpected damage because they allow us to identify and address issues before they become problematic. Similarly, after a storm event, a prompt assessment will help address immediate concerns and expedite a remediation strategy.

Roof Consulting Expertise and Services
  • Assist with Contractor Bid Process
  • Energy Audits
  • Condition Assessments
  • Contract Administration
  • Destructive Investigation
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Drone/UAV Surveys
  • Heritage/Historic Building Repair or Replacement
  • Leak Investigations
  • Assist with Contractor Bid Process
  • Remediation Design Development
  • Review of Construction Work in Progress
  • Rooftop Energy Program Development
  • Rooftop Safety and Access Surveys
Expert Qualifications
Architectural Technologists Building Science Specialists (BSS) Certified Engineering Technologists (CET) Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) Registered Roof Consultants (RRC) Registered Roof Observers (RRO) Thermographic Certification (Levels I and II) UAV Advanced Certification

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