Consulting Expert Update, November 2020

November 10, 2020

For more than 35 years, Rimkus Consulting Group has assisted clients in the legal and insurance industries in resolving a wide range of claims and disputes.

In order to meet today’s complex challenges, we provide more than 500 professional engineers, scientists, and consulting experts who offer real-world expertise that spans a broad spectrum of public and private environments.

Today we’re highlighting a few consultants from offices across our company. Read below to learn about the forensic consulting services these experts provide to Rimkus clients both locally and around the world.

Bryson Brewer, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Consultant
New Orleans, LA

Dr. Bryson Brewer is a mechanical engineer who performs forensic investigations of a variety of mechanical failures, including cases involving consumer products, industrial facilities, heavy equipment, HVAC and plumbing systems, and medical devices. He is also experienced in numerous three-dimensional scanning, photogrammetry, and modeling technologies, as well as in developing custom instrumentation and testing protocols to evaluate components, equipment, or systems involved in a failure or accident. View his full profile to learn more.

James F. Lane, P.E.
Director, Materials Science Division
Chicago, IL

James Lane is a Director of the Rimkus Materials Science Division and licensed professional engineer in 21 states. He consults from a materials engineering perspective, having extensive experience with failure analysis and engineering investigations. His focus is generally on materials of construction, property/structure relationships, and corrosion. View his full profile for more on his extensive background, which extends to the fields of materials characterization, fractography, metallography, and mechanical testing.

J. Jay Todd, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
San Jose, CA

Dr. Jay Todd is a Senior Consultant in the Rimkus Human Factors Division. He investigates the effects of limitations in task performance and perception in human awareness and experience of events in our environment. His forensic investigations include analyses of visual and auditory perception, decision-making processes, eye gaze behavior, the contribution of experience and expectancy to awareness and task performance; eye-witness memory; the relationship of age and performance, fatigue, effects of alcohol and drugs on performance, instructions and safety information, stress response, and warning application and compliance. Visit his profile to learn more.

Lindsay Macioce, PSP, EIT
Construction Division Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

Lindsay Macioce is a Rimkus Construction Division Manager, certified Planning and Scheduling Professional, and an engineer-in-training in Pennsylvania. She provides consulting services for complex construction projects involving forensic delay analysis and scheduling. Her areas of expertise include working collaboratively with clients to solve problems and reach conclusions using various industry standard critical path methods to quantify delay and determine causation, as well as analyzing construction claims for cost overruns, defects, and delay and disruption. View her full profile for more information.

Tim Martin, PE, CFEI
Senior Consultant
Tampa, FL

Timothy Martin is a Senior Consultant with Rimkus who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer throughout the United States and maintains a national certification as a fire and explosion investigator. Throughout Mr. Martin’s 15 years of experience he has investigated numerous product defect cases, industrial accidents, electrocutions, fires, equipment losses and construction disputes. Visit his full profile to learn more about his professional experience, education and capabilities.

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